I got a file from dentist of the cortical bone to perform FEA. Strange IGS format where the model consists of many lines. The easiest way to convert to STL, to avoid laborious mechanical work in SolidWorks, is make conversion in Rhinoceros software.

Open file. Save as OBJ. Right away it can be opened in MeshLab and the surface can be recreated for further tweaks in Meshmixer or ReMake. To convert to STL use following commands to create surfaces:

DupBorder (this will get you the correct trim curves)
SelClosedCurves (will get those borders)
PlanarSrf (makes nre planes trimmed by those curves)

After that file is convertible to STL. Sooooo Perfect. Here is FEA of that bone with implant and trabecular bone inside. Done in Fusion:

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